Why Bright Square?

Bright Square began in 2016 when I had my first child James.
Through my journey of being pregnant then becoming a first time mum it inspired me and changed my whole outlook on life. It helped me reinforce my thoughts and perspective on what life really meant to me and the life I want to live.
Art has always been a part of my life and is something I have always enjoyed. The start of Bright Square lead me to a path that I never knew would happen. I started hand painting art for baby showers and nurseries during my maternity leave. This gave me so much joy and to see the joy that it gave others was heart-warming. It was just the beginning of it all.
From then on, I started to think about how I could help and inspire other new Mum's and families as an extension to my art. This is when I started sourcing products that held a lot of meaning to me throughout the most precious and scared years of my motherhood journey and I want to share these with you.
I made the big decision to resign from my full time work that I had been a part of for 10 years and pursue what I loved. As a mother to my beautiful little boy James and another little one on the way, I wanted to create a working environment that allowed me to be flexible and do what I love. I am so grateful for the support of my amazing husband that has encouraged me and allowed me to express my creativity and passion for all Mum's, Mum's to be and new families. This decision wasn't easy as it was the very beginning of starting something so new and was all a little daunting.
Throughout my pregnancy and parenthood it has taught me so much about myself and life. It’s been emotionally challenging yet the most rewarding, amazing and wonderful journey that I absolutely love and will ever endure.
We provide a range of carefully and thoughtfully selected essential products for you and your loved ones. There is nothing more fulfilling than providing eco-environmentally friendly, healthy and quality products that have been chosen with love and care.
Love always Bright Square xx