Interview with Nicola

Hi everyone,

In this edition of our monthly blog we had an amazing opportunity to talk with Nicola about the Charlie Crane Rocker and all things Motherhood. We hope you enjoy and thank you Nicola and Rosie Bear xx

What is the single biggest challenge you have experienced as a Mum?

Coming to terms with the fact I will never leave the house with just my wallet and phone ever again. Babies come with a lot of 'stuff' and you have to lug it everywhere. 

What does a normal day look like for you with Rosie? (How do you balance getting things done and being present with her, what support network do you lean on)

I am trying to learn to have balance. To give Rosie a routine but still have room to move. Each day is different but I aim to maintain three things; 7:30 wake up, a morning walk and 3 books a day. My little Rosie girl can only last 2 hours of being awake in between naps and she usually has a nice long afternoon sleep which frees up enough time to get through most of my 'to do's' for the day which helps me to be present with her when she is awake. Pat is a great dad and as soon as he is home from work all he wants if cuddles with our Rosie Bear which gives me time to spend with our fur baby Atticus. It also helps having my mum and sister just around the corner! 

What do you love so much about the Charlie Crane Levo Rocker?

I love that it's comfortable and safe for her. We keep it in a central place in our home and its fits right in with our decor. I also like the muted colours and natural materials as I think they are less distracting for her and enables her to focus on live experiences happening around her.

In what ways has the Levo Rocker helped you and your little Rosie Bear?

We have used the rocker everyday since she was born. Once we wake up and are dressed I strap her in while I make my breakfast and perform my morning dance for her.. which is pretty much miming Miley Cyrus songs while waiting for the kettle to boil. 

What does being the best Mum you can be mean to you? (What do you focus your energy on)

My aim is to raise Rosie in a space where she always feels supported. I hope to give her the confidence to be unapologetically herself, to practice gratitude and to have the ability to form strong connections in all her relationships; whether that is her friendships, her relationship with nature or her relationship with herself.